Moderate Like a Pro - Club House Like A Pro

Moderate Like a Pro

If you are thinking of using Clubhouse or you are already using Clubhouse then you will want to be hosting your own rooms in order to grow your brand, speak to your target audience and get a return on investment for your time spent on the app.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to host a successful Clubhouse room that is packed with your ideal audience to grow your brand and increase your club members.
  • Moderation tricks & tips to be able to handle any given scenario like a pro.
  • How to speak with confidence and clarity to keep your audience engaged
  • How to analyse data for success
  • How to choose room titles that bring your ideal client into the room and give you a return on investment.
  • How to create call to actions in rooms that grow your email list with your ideal client base.
  • How to charge for your moderation services.
  • How to market your rooms in advance for increased visibility.
  • And More.....




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