Clubhouse Culture Book - 35 Experiences of Influential Clubhouse Users

Clubhouse Culture Book

Written by Pete Cohen, this book contains stories from 35 influential people using Clubhouse for transformation. Lynsey is one of the people featured and her story tells how she has gone from zero to hero in her Clubhouse journey and how she has transformed her business, pivoting to provide you with what you need to transform yours.

All proceeds from the sales of this book go directly to the Cocos Foundation

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So most of you will be familiar with me talking constantly about Clubhouse – it may even be the reason as to why you are here.

Love it or hate it, the amount of people using social media is growing year on year and more businesses than ever before are seeing the value in having an online presence for their brand.

April 2020 saw the launch of a new app ready to take on the 'big four,' disrupting and challenging the way we view the time we spend online. The app, which was once invite only, became a huge hit in the US and now it has over 10 million users across the globe.

Clubhouse is an audio-only app, designed for users to share in authentic conversations and create meaningful relationships in a fun and engaging way. The conversations are all unique, not recorded and in the moment, which creates a buzz of NEEDING to be present and a real ‘fear of missing out’.

Conversations are happening 24 hours a day around the world on the app, from business growth hacks to personal story telling, there is a conversation for everyone happening at any time on Clubhouse.

Users of the app have grown exponentially since April 2020, even more so since the app came out of beta phase in June 2021. Both business and personal connections are being forged in a way like no other app can offer. You are able to have ‘in person’ voice communication with the another person, in real time. No speaking to PA’s, no automation sequences, no pre recorded content, you are speaking to the decision maker, the real deal and that makes this app like no other that exists!

Since the birth of Clubhouse, many other voice based social media apps have followed suit, once again cementing the fact that using audio as a primary means of communication is fast becoming the norm.
Clubhouse is changing the way businesses engage with their audience and grow their brand and it’s changing lives for people who have a genuine message to share, giving them the opportunity to connect with many across the world.

The app is like no other, it is the most ‘in the moment’ as you can get without being in person at an event. If you’re not there you miss it and the fear of missing out is really prevalent with this app.

Business owners are creating brand awareness, growing their network and seeing a return on investment by directly engaging with their target audience, repurposing content and collaborating and utilising other audiences across the app.

I had been using the app around 5 months, when the author of the book, Pete Cohen, contacted me to be one of the 35 Clubhouse users featured in this book, Clubhouse Culture.

When I downloaded the Clubhouse app and wrote my profile I had absolutely no idea of the opportunities that would unfold as a result. My businesses have accelerated thanks to the knowledge I have learnt whilst in rooms, the connections that I have made and the opportunities brand awareness the app has allowed me.

If you’ve heard me on Clubhouse, or perhaps this post has left some intrigue with you, don’t just take my word for it, I encourage you to purchase the Clubhouse Culture book. Firstly because for every purchase from the publisher nearly $11 goes to the Coco Foundation – a Uganda based charity trying to change the lives of 101 children within the village of Buldha. Secondly because the founder Pete Cohen, hand selected 35 incredible individuals from all walks of life who found a common connection – that is Clubhouse.

Without Clubhouse these people wouldn’t have connected, this book would exist and the Coco Foundation wouldn’t have raised over £10,000 LIVE on the Clubhouse App.

This app is powerful beyond measure.

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