From a company of just 2 to a now more than 80, some decided to write Clubhouse off earlier this year. So did the app have its peak earlier in 2021?

In his first in person interview with Bloomberg this month, Co-Founder Paul Davidson admitted that he felt the app grew too big too quick. Always keen to grow in a measured way, the apps popularity became its undoing in the earlier part of this year with regular glitches and overwhelmed systems.

In the Bloomberg interview Paul admitted

”We were 8 people at the time, we had to scramble, we had to grow out the team, we had to build an infrastructure. But now our team is over 80 people, we are finally at the point where we can take a breath, focus on that long term steady growth”

So was it too soon to jump ship and is Clubhouse going to be a long term rival to the platforms we already know and love?

I personally think so.

It will come to no surprise that I am backing Clubhouse all the way, after all I started Clubhouse Like A Pro. Blown away by the app from the day I downloaded it back in February, I truly believe it is about to change the game with its new feature releases in the coming days and weeks, especially for those utilising the app to grow both their business and personal brand.

True, that when the app first came onto the social scene at the height of a global pandemic, it was deemed a social media novelty. Social media giants, Twitter, swiftly released Twitter Spaces, Spotify released Green Room and even Facebook have launched an audio feature.

The future of Clubhouse

So what is the future of Clubhouse against these well-loved social media platforms and where do the Co Founders see the app going?

Clubhouse have always prided themselves on putting the creator first. Creating communities and keeping the app as a global network community has always been at the centre of Founders Paul and Rohan’s decision process. Steady user growth is their goal with the metrics used to measure the apps success always being engagement over total users.

Already the app sees over 700,000 rooms being opened on an average day, more than 400,000 when compared to the summer, with the average listener spending over 70 minutes a day in the app.

What other social media app allows you to engage with your target audience for over 70 minutes a day outside of the audio space?

So what makes Clubhouse durable?

Ultimately Clubhouse hasn’t invented anything new. Audio isn’t a new concept. Look at podcasts for example. But the ease of use to drop in and out of a conversation, speak directly with decision makers and reach internationally, makes this app durable.

With replay soon to be released (allowing hosts to record and repurpose rooms) – community members will have the ability to keep up to date with conversations despite the world opening up to more in person events.

After speaking with the partnerships team at Clubhouse HQ, their focus is on working with creators to ensure that they get paid for their efforts on the app. Features still to release include tipping, subscription services and brand partnerships to name a few definitely cement this. With Paul saying ‘paying creators is definitely something we should think about’.

New Features

On Wednesday 27th October, the pinned links feature is potentially going to be the biggest feature roll out since the messaging channel earlier this year. Allowing moderators to pin URL Links to rooms. This in my opinion is going to spark the interest of brand sponsorships and businesses alike, that avoid the app in the earlier stages due to difficult CTA and analytical tracking.

Being able to pin links in rooms will now allow you to promote product and services, grow your email lists and even create real time polls to connect with your audience whilst in app.

Speaking with creators today, the excitement for the release of this feature has become a real talking point.

With recent Clubhouse hires from leading platforms such as Netflix, Facebook and other rival creator platforms, if you tossed Clubhouse aside you will want to revisit and soon! Clubhouse has got its ducks in a row and is coming out with features thick and fast to benefit the creator and user alike.

The only regret I have is that I didn’t get on the app sooner. Don’t make your regret that you didn’t get on the app at all.

For more latest updates, new feature releases and how to optimise your time on the app for business join The Clubhouse Like A Pro Club.