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Grow your audience faster on the hottest social media platform of 2021!

Level up your Clubhouse experience and speaking skills.

Using this expert course you will gain the confidence and know how you need to create highly engaged rooms that everyone is talking about.

Put yourself on the tip of everyone’s tongue when it comes to their favourite Clubhouse creators!

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How does Clubhouse Like a Pro work?

Through a series of lessons delivered in easy to understand digital format you can lift your game and get exclusive access to:

  • Lifetime access to all modules and worksheets
  • Step by step audio training videos
  • Downloadable worksheets to accelerate your Clubhouse growth
  • Free glossary of terms

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Lifetime Access to Clubhouse Like a Pro from just $69!

  • Clubhouse Like a Pro


    • Lifetime access to Clubhouse Like a Pro - course only
    • Lifetime access to all modules and worksheets
    • Step by step audio training videos to give you a comprehensive understanding of the app.
    • Downloadable worksheets to accelerate your Clubhouse growth
    • Free glossary of terms
    • Free reset script
    • Course updated with every Clubhouse Update
    • Suitable for those who are considering downloading the app, new to the app or looking to build their profile

  • 1 Hour Audit


    • Lifetime access to Clubhouse Like a Pro
    • 1 Hour audit of your Clubhouse account & bio.
    • Strategy for your brand & business to ensure you are attracting your ideal Clubhouse audience.
    • Achievable action points for instant improvements.
    • Discuss tips & techniques to grow your Clubhouse audience.
    • Moderation reset scripts to grow your personal following and club.
  • Monthly Coaching


    • Lifetime access to Clubhouse Like a Pro
    • 2 Hour Clubhouse & Social Media Audit
    • All included in 2 hour strategy call plus
    • Weekly 1:1 Sessions
    • CH Room Advertising
    • Access to my Clubhouse connections & audience
    • Moderation Assistance

    *minimum 3 month commitment

  • Kathy Smith

    I can't recommend Clubhouse Like a Pro and Lynsey highly enough. Her professionalism and her amazing training has really helped me navigate Clubhouse. I upgraded to the Monthly Coaching Service and have weekly training meetings with recordings sent so I can make notes and also constant support both on and off Clubhouse ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Michael Bryant

    I'm so glad I chose the Clubhouse Like a Pro course and strategy call. Lynsey is articulate, knowledgable and really inspiring to work with. Lynsey's depth of knowledge and energy around building abusiness through social media channels is really driving an extra dimension for our business.


  • Patrick TwellsCo-Founder of Nomad Designs

    I found the course easy to navigate, packed full of useful insights and guided me through the fundamentals of how Clubhouse works before diving into Moderating and other more technical components.

    Clubhouse Like a Pro gave me the confidence to speak up on stages and moderate rooms myself. Absolutely recommend this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Having helped thousands of people over the last 8 years to become more body confident by prioritising their health and wellbeing, I have successfully amplified my impact through delivering 15 minute workouts on Clubhouse to a global audience.

Co-founding Clubhouse Like a Pro was a logical next step to bring my energy and skills to people like you and helping to amplify your impact on Clubhouse through professional room moderation is a passion of mine.

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Professional ballerina and two time business founder. Within just 8 weeks of joining clubhouse, Rebecca was already a master moderator for some of the top names on Clubhouse. Now consistently moderating for entrepreneurs, celebrities, brands and founders, Rebecca is the brain in the background and the front of house pro.

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Why you should learn to Clubhouse Like a Pro

  • Get in front of the 12 million people actively using the platform and stand out from the crowd with your own club, rooms or moderating
  • Network faster than any other social media platform
  • Get in front of your target audience and leverage Clubhouse to grow your other social media accounts with highly engaged and relevant people
  • Get seen in front of potential collaborators
  • Turn your content into paying clients

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